Bhadresh Trading Corporation Ltd is a group of Enterprises operating in purchase of kapas from farms, grading, ginning & processing of cotton & finally exporting it worldwide. The group’s strategy is to be a reliable partner for global buyers at competitive prices & be a preferred supplier for giving advantage of quality, timely shipments at competitive prices.
Cotton Industry
India is the original home of cotton. It ranks 2nd among the cotton producing countries of the world.

During the last decade and a half, revolutionary changes have taken place in the production of cotton in India, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

As a result of the intensive cotton development program launched by the government of India, years of cotton research, improved technology, increased irrigation facilities, supply of improved seeds to farmers, agriculture extension work, application of fertilizers and pesticides, marketing support by institutions, the production of cotton has increased from 7.6 million bales of around 170kgs each in 1974 through 1975, to 11.5 million bales in 1990/1991 & has presently reached to about 30 million bales.

India is perhaps the only country in the world which produces cotton suitable for spinning right from 6s to 120s counts of yarn. The Indian cotton textile industry’s annual cotton requirement is about 24 million bales & is mostly met from domestic production, coupled with small imports, which leaves a large scope for export.
India – Emerging Exporter
India has been the traditional exporter of short staple cotton Bengal Desi. Since 1978-1979, India has emerged as a leading exporter of extra long staple cotton as well and has been regularly exporting long staple cotton for the past one decade successfully.

In fact, during the last two years, India exported the widest range of cotton covering all staple groups. Some of the extra long staple varieties exported are :
1. DCH - 32 (80s to 100s counts)
2. MCU-5 (60s to 70s counts) which is comparable with Egyptian & Sudanese cotton,
3. Shankar – 06 which is comparable with Americas SJV, California, Arizona, Chinese 329, Tanzanian, Sudan, Australian and Turkish 1-1/8”
4. J-34 (20s to 28s) is comparable with Pakistan’s Afzal 1-1/16” and 1-1/8”.
Our Products
In line with the above, some of the various different varieties of Cotton that we export are:
  • Shankar 06 Super Grade-SM
  • Shankar-06 Grade-Middling
  • J-34 S/G/ Grade-SLM
  • J-34 R/G Grade-SLM
  • MCU-5
  • BUNNY BRAHMA / MECH-1 / H-04
  • DCH-32
  • Organic Cotton – ECO CERT
  • Organic Cotton – CONTROL UNION

In addition to the above, we also export Indian cotton bales of 225kg for the convenience of our buyers.
  • Import of Raw Cotton & Selling / Distribution in the local Indian Market
  • Import of Raw Cotton of all growths & selling it to world market
  • Trading / Imports in Agro Commodities